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Metabolism Booster Foods — Best Foods To Boost Your Metabolism

Metabolism Booster Foods — Best Foods To Boost Your Metabolism

When it comes to weight control, metabolism and the foods you consume are two huge factors of success. Whether you want to lose weight or maintain it, there are no magic pills or meals that will automatically drop off or keep away the pounds.

However, many foods —known as superfoods — can help boost your metabolism and contribute to a healthy weight and overall well-being. Below we discuss metabolism, how it affects weight, and some of the best foods to kick it into high gear.

What Is Metabolism?

According to WebMD, "Metabolism is a series of processes that control how your body creates and uses energy." The various chemicals that make up your body's metabolism work together to transform the food you eat into energy. The overall process combines numerous chemicals with oxygen and calories. It changes everything you eat and drink into the energy you use for subconscious actions such as breathing, blood circulation, and growing, as well as conscious activities such as exercising, thinking, and eating. 

To assess metabolism's effect on weight, we must consider the Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR). The faster or higher someone's RMR, the quicker their body converts the food they eat into energy. In comparison, the body of an individual with a slower/lower metabolic rate will take longer to convert the food. 

Best Foods To Boost Your Metabolism 

Before we reveal the best foods for boosting your metabolism, here's a disclaimer: No food will do all the work for you. While the following foods boost metabolism, you must incorporate them into your diet alongside regular exercise and healthy lifestyle habits to gain benefits.


Coffee is a welcome first on our list — and one you'll be glad to hear is great for your metabolism. Caffeine helps increase your metabolic rate and can aid in burning fat for energy. However, like its effects on the brain, caffeine's impact on metabolism varies significantly from person to person. 


Ginger is, without a doubt, an all-around wonder food. It contains metabolism-boosting properties, and adding a slice of it into a hot drink can be a superb substitute for snacking. This is because ginger helps your body feel full, a feeling known as "satiety" in scientific terms. 


Love spice or hate it, chilies are incredible for the metabolism. They contain a chemical called "capsaicin," which has been proven to boost metabolism and slightly increase your body's calorie-burning rate. Capsaicin also holds appetite-reducing properties and can help you feel full. 


It's no secret that water is a great way to stay hydrated, and drinking plenty of it should be part of any healthy diet. The exact amount you need depends on your gender, size, how much you exercise, and climate. 

According to one study, water temporarily boosts metabolism when consumed regularly. The study showed that drinking just 500ml of water led to a 30% increase in metabolism rates for both men and women. 

Beans and Legumes

All types of beans and legumes, including lentils, chickpeas, peas, and kidney beans, contain a high amount of protein. The body must work hard to digest high protein levels, which burns calories. 

Beans and legumes also include starch and soluble fibre, which your body uses as a probiotic. These probiotics help feed the bacteria in your large intestine, aiding the digestion process. 


All teas include a flavonoid that helps your body break down fats quickly. These flavonoids are known as "catechins." Many teas also contain caffeine, which can speed up how quickly your body processes food. 


Eggs, the only animal product on our list, are fantastic for boosting metabolism. Eggs are low-calorie, protein-rich, and contain a high level of Vitamin B. All of this helps to convert food into energy. 

Eggs should be part of any healthy diet; eating them not only boosts metabolism but also helps with satiety. 


It's no secret how amazing avocados are in terms of their health benefits. This amazing fruit has anti-inflammatory properties and can boost the immune system, but a little-known secondary positive is its effect on metabolism. Avocados contain monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. These "good" fats help you to feel full and satisfied.


So, there are no magic pills for speeding up our metabolism and weight loss. But thankfully, some incredible foods can boost our metabolism and overall well-being. To recap, let's revisit those top foods: 

  • Coffee 

  • Ginger 

  • Chilies 

  • Water

  • Beans 

  • Tea

  • Eggs 

  • Avocado 

Contact us today if you need additional information about the best foods for boosting your metabolism. We'd love to help.

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