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About Moringafi

Organic Superfoods

Moringafi is an Australian developer of premium organic superfood products. Moringafi was founded on September 5, 2019 by Carson Sharein. Moringafi's products are developed with the goal of providing the best value and greatest health benefits by only using powerful superfoods and none of the cheap fillers used by other brands. Moringafi's flagship product, Green Juice, was an instant success with thousands of units sold, and it is now stocked in health food stores and with health professionals across Australia. Moringafi next developed Ashwagandha Gold, a unique mix of powerful superfoods used to support mental health. Moringafi's products contain the best organic ingredients available. 

Moringafi Products

Green Juice: Green Juice is a daily superfood juicing powder. It was launched at the same time as the Moringafi brand on September 5, 2019. Green Juice is supercharged with 33% Premium-grade Moringa Oleifera, as well as spirulina, chlorella, matcha green tea, wheatgrass, turmeric, pepper, coconut water and beetroot. It contains no cheap fruit and vegetable powder 'fillers'. For technical data on Green Juice, visit greenjuce.au.

Ashwagandha Gold: Ashwagandha Gold is a genius blend of complementary superfoods formulated into a daily drink powder. The ingredients include Ashwagandha,Turmeric, Brahmi leaf, Skullcap, Lion's Mane Mushroom, and Ceylon Cinnamon. These superfoods all support similar functions to Ashwagandha, making this team of superfood friends unlike any other product on the market. Ashwagandha Gold was launched on December 15, 2020. 

Key People

Carson Sharein is the founder of Moringafi.


Moringafi products are sold by Genesis Australia, Go Vita and other natural health food stores around Australia.